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Your Team Setup

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Howdy all,

i've got a line to get a great deal on a new Team roller (the 04 not the 98), and I'm just trying to figure out what to put in it without having to buy a load of helixes and springs.... So for you Team Tuners that ride in the mountains...share your setups and include elevation, gearing, track length, primary clutching changes, and all the other info if you'ld be so kind.

Here;s what I'm leaning towards after reading lots of searches from here and Snowest.

For the Helix a 54/42 .46 porogressive (54/40 on the second track) , with a red/black spring (140/240). Also alot of people going with red/pink (140/260), and then there's what TEAM reccomends, a black purple (160/240) which are all closely similar. For the primary 11-16.5 g pins with aroud 13.5 g pin weight, and either the Team Reccomended yellow/Purple (160/260), or a yellow/green (160/290) which was mentioned by a couple of reputable sources that sell stuff AND contribute alot around here.

Now I'm no clutching expert, but I like to tinker and understand such things better... So a couple of questions for the experts...

So speaking about the secondary...From a given spring, what does changing the start force accomplish (to either softer or stiffer), and how about with the finish forces?

And with regards to the primary, I know the start force is related to engagement, but how about the finish force f the primary spring?
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get ahold of dynamo joe or big john or cudney racing they all know there clutching realy well
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