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Last Friday January 27th was the first of a four day snowmobile adventure for 4 Americans from the state of New York with Bosscat Tours.

I figured that I might as well get the gang high on riding, so I took them to an elevation of 515m. Here we see in the back row, Ray, Pete and Gary and in the front row, myself and Mike.

After we enjoyed the view it was time to cross that little bridge that seems to scare alot of folks, but Ray was more then up for the task.

Of course no ride on a Bosscat Tour would be complete without a visit to the big cow in Temiskaming Shores. So everybody jumped back and snapped a pic of the sleds by my mascot.

A highlight for everyone was a visit to Ebert Welding to see what is involved in the making of a grooming unit. Shop foreman Warren explains to Mike and Gary about the latest innovations, as Pete and Ray prepare to take some photos.

After we wrapped up our visit to see what it takes to make a groomer, I thought to myself, what the heck, lets go to Quebec.

The following day everybody got to see that when you ride with me you really will log on the miles.

Pete looks on and tries to determine what the sled at the top of the sled tree is.

We headed of to Timmins and Pete was captured crossing this very sturdy bridge.

Here we are milling about under the water tower in Timmins.

Sunday we decided to go to visit the connection to Quebec east of Kirkland Lake. Mike decided to pull off the trail, and found the snow to be a bit deeper then it appears. Ray walks away after confriming that yup, it's stuck.

For the final day it was off to Cochrane, so that the gang could see this area. Of course we had to pose with Chimo.

No trip to the frozen Tundra would be a success without seeing a live polar bear up close and personal.

Ever wonder what 950lbs of wet bear looks like from the smelly end???

After we watched the bears be fed, and lucky for us we were not their main meal, we venture off to visit the sled display at the heritage village. Of course we knew they had to have an Elan, along with a few of the original Ski-Dogs.

After we relived the roots of snowmobiling, we ventured into the old garage and found a few quarts of oil and other auto related accessories, that are in mint condition.

We logged over 900 miles in four days and capped the rides off with a great meal at the FED. I had a blast showing these guys the area, and look forward to their return in the future.

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Good trail report BC! Looks like they had a great time.......................awesome pics!!

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