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XRS 600 sdi

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Picking up my XRS 600 tomorrow...might be the only one in New Hampshire at this point to get one but it is nice to see them shipping to the New England area...thank you Outdoor Performance...a site sponsor. I will snap some pics when I get her.
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Anyone have any luck putting a bender can on there 600 sdi?
Gentleman, Picked up my XRS 600 today in Northern Mass. Sled is beautiful. Has all the 440 stuff except a couple steering post braces (they can be easily added). Anyway... its great and you're going to be a happy dude when you get it! I have mine on display this weekend at my booth at the NH Grass Drags. Enjoy the weekend guys. -Raffi
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I will see ya down there...I will stop and say hi.
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