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Off other sled sites........
>Wednesday, 8 February 2006, at 6:53 p.m.
>Just went from silver springs to bliss on the railroad bed not to bad
>after gainsville,then from there to end of oatka's trail on rail road
>bed wing st. turned onto c3 to arcade nice fields but every set of
>woods bring your paddles lot of water,all passable though.From there
>down into the village for gas and continued on c3c toward java,still
>lots of mud i mean alot,once i got 1/2 way to java got rid of the water
>and mud but it got rougher and thinner belive it or not,still ridable
>just little rough.Stop at java for a pop,then went back out of town and
>headed for
>bliss,s33 till i got to s33a-s34 over to bliss not much water or mud
>just thin and some of the plowed fields little rough,back over towards
>bliss nice. Now take the trail back to silver springs or the railroad,
>oh the trailc3 mistake water everywere agian. So tracks out of bliss to
>hardys,then the trail to letchworth school and back onto the track to
>silver springs which at this time was showing rock. So if you can deal
>with a little water and fairly smooth ride go to bliss the arcade if
>you want no water but thin and rough go towards java. All in all it was
>80 miles and i would go do it agian tommarow considering the year we
>have had, and iam on a rev so not to bumpy at all,lol. There's a report
>hope some of you guys appreciate it. Ridem while it here!!!!!!!!!
>Today, 08:58 AM
>Post #10
>We went out last night, parked at Hearth which is right on Rte. 16
>(just past Pioneer Motorsports and Earl's Resturant coming from the
>400). The trails were very unforgiving - icy with plenty of mud holes.
>I think we got more beat up in 30 miles last night then the 100 mile
>trip we took 2 weeks ago when we left from the same spot. If the temps
>stay cold today and tomorrow and they get about 6" to a foot more
>powder it will be better, but still less than ideal. I'm tempted to
>trailer to Springville
>- I hear they have better conditions...

and then this just in from Arcade via e-mail............

We're getting hammered with snow right now, Mike C. from channel 4 says it's lake enhanced snow off of S.Georgian Bay, got 2-3 inches in an hour, radar shows it letting up soon...every little bit helps cover up that mud!

Looks as if the dirt has frozen up a bit overnite, from what I can see at the trail crossings. more snow forecast for overnite, plus more on Sat...woohoo!


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major mud in the woods. fields are nice. if you aint afraid of getting your sled filthy it is rideable. anyone know how springville or mayville is? or anywhere else in wny? looking for somewhere to go tommorow morning at 7am.
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