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Not trying to start a carbide debate between brands. Just looking for opinions from people who have used the following Ace Bar from Woody's;

I currently run the Woody's 6" Trail Blazer on a 14 TNT with 84 studs, stock carbides on outside. Just curious the difference between a round bar and a square -- performance wise, darting, handling etc. I like to ride aggressive trails and prefer firm predictable steering. Don't like light steering but don't want my arms to fall off from hard to turn bars either.

These ones I currently have are defined by Woody's as...

Trail Blazer IV runner has 6" of 60° turning carbide. Great if you are looking for overall improvement in handling to replace your OEM runner.

Any opinions or comments on the ace bar? Noticeable upgrade over the trail blazer? I'm sure lots of comments will come up about shaper bars. From my understanding this ACE bar is equivalent to a shaper bar? They are both square?

The Ace Bar has 6" or 8" of 60° turning carbide on a tall, square host bar. Works great if you ride in ice, slush or deep snow.

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