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Wich belt

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Looking for idea's on what belt to run. I would guess the 800ho belt

Sled is a 440/800 mod running a traIII primary and 06 Doo roller secondary with DJ's clutch kit.

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I am also looking for info on what belt to use on a 06 mxzx roller with a 600 h.o. It has the stock 600 clutch and the TEAM secondary clutch.
mike - im running the same set up and using the 800ho belt. curious to what primary spring your running .

ski doo guy - run the 600 ho belt
revdog said:
mike - im running the same set up and using the 800ho belt. curious to what primary spring your running .

ski doo guy - run the 600 ho belt

Right now I have a Bl/Bl 280/510. kind of a crap shoot. i will take my whole box of ramps and springs with me first time out and spend the day tuning.

What you running?
I wonder what DJ would have to say about the best belt to use? Just FYI:

- All TRA III clutched have VSA (12* to 14*)

- All (TRA III) 440 belts are 37.7 mm wide.

- The (TRA III) 800 belt (417 300 166) is 37.7 mm wide.

- The 04 440 belt (417 300 253) is the shortest and cheapest (on average) @ 1102 mm long.

- The 05 440 belt (417 300 288) has the "best compound" for racing and is 1117 mm on average.

- The 06 440 belt (417 300 297) has a soft compound and is also 1117 mm on average.

- All 04, 05, 06 440 belts are interchangable, pending on compound and length preference.

- I have read the 800 belt (417 300 166) is also the same length on average as the 440 belts. Hope someone else can confirm this. BUT - the compound is much harder and is designed to last longer on the trail.

** The important thing is - what ever belt you use, make sure your deflection is set properly.**

Hope that helps in your decision.

2 cents.

PS: Revman - that's an awsome clutch set up reguardless of the belt you choose. The HPV roller is the best but, another option is the formula secondary and the 300 166 belt. An example would be the 500 SS. She has a TRA III primary and formula secondary. She uses the 166 belt ;o)
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I just like to run the latest and greatest stock belt off the shelf. Whatever come on the sled, that's what i use. I have tried all the belts, race belts this and that and yes there is a difference in compounds.

I personally like the hardest compounds [i don't remember which one was which, notes arent here]
There is a race belt that is discontinued, i got spoiled on that one, had to get another one and the rpms dropped, had to reduce a 1/2 gram.

I like hard belts for the fact when you wick on the throttle, it helps the engine rev quicker even though my clutch kit is super quick to rev, I want more. I run extreme off-trail, I break race sleds, wearing the chassis out, I bust rails, snap off idler wheels, bend the centershock shaft. Ugh, I spend a lot of money during the winter on parts. would be worse if the rpms did not generate as quick as they do.
I want quick rev's to get me out of trouble when going over whoops and ramming kickers. Engine rpms always get you out of trouble.
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I will be trying the600 HO belt on my 800 this winter!
Good info! I am going to try a couple different belts on my stock 07 440 trail setup. That 800 belt may be the ticket for a spare.
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