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whats the best mountain/trail sled

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ok guys I have my eye on a 06 summit 1000 highmark x 162", its a carry over and they have 10,000 on it, I dont know if thats a deal or not, anyway I was looking at it and a guy comeover and said he had a 05 summit 1000 and he hates it, said its a point and shoot sled and its to bulky cant side hill or nothing with it, Im a 225lb guy, he said he thought they lightend the 06s up. I will do a little ditch riding, and I ride trails long enough to get to the deep stuff and some hills, whats your guyses experience with the summits.
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I ride a 06 Summit X 800 151. I think this is the perfect all around mountain/trail sled. I'm at around 220lbs and this sled is big enough and strong enough to take me anywhere. Handles pretty good on the trails (although not a dedicated trail sled) great when boondocking and awsome in the steep or deep. Always more than enough power although I'll be adding an extra 10-15 hp before this year's snowfall. The biggest thing lacking in my case is a better rider.

1000 is alot heavier and the 162 is more dedicated to climbing. Tougher to boondock for the same reasons and the 162 takes away a little cornering under speed on the trails. Point and shoot it's a good machine but lacking as an all around sled. A few months ago you could have bought an 07 Summit X 800R for $9500 and could still find a really low miles 06 for around $8000.Your Post says mountain/trail, if mountain is the priorty go 151, if trail is the priority go 144.
I dont have much experience with the revs but from what i hear the renegade is an excellent sled ..... it would be a great sled if you do both trail and mountain riding because it still has a long track for playing in the deep stuff yet handles nicer on the trail
Go with a renegade, remove the swaybar, make sure you have the 1.75x16 powdermax track and through on a block riser.
I run a 06 summit X 800HO 144", I find it to be a all around king of the hill sled. With the 16" track if has the same footprint as most 151". Great power, nimble, low input for responce. as far as a 1000 goes, its not worth the extra 1000 bucks for what your getting, buy a 800 and use that 1000 you saved buying a 800 and trick out the engine a bit

I dont know much about the 1000's? But I doo like my 800. The only thing else I was looking at was the M7. But I got over that when they stoped makeing them this year. Rev all the way. "Poo's? for get it!" Get a summit. You wont be disapointed. It's the best mountain sled for every kind of rideing. Hands down!
But I'm a doo man till they make somthing better.

To me the 162 is just too darn much track.. heck I thought the 159 800 rev was a puss to handle... the 151, seems just about right... .. and yep.. know going straight up or in early in the season for unset up bottomless powder, that both the 159 and 162's are better.. but they are not for me..
Summit 800/ 144 or 151.

I've ridden the 1000's, lots of power, fealt heavy, hard to change direction with when climbing. 162 track, lots of weight to move around.

I ride my Summit 800 -144" on and off the trails..... love it!
Go with a renegade, remove the swaybar, make sure you have the 1.75x16 powdermax track and through on a block riser.
My wife rides a 05 Renegade X 600HO. 136" x 16" x 1.75". Great trail sled. Will doo ok in the deep when she is following others. I can ride it in the deep but you have to stay on the pipe and be ready at all times to get on it. For a 75% trail 25% boondocking sled it's great. But to be independant and confident in the deep and have potential on the steep a 144" Summit gives you alot more potential. Because of your 225lbs the 136" Gade will marginalize your opportunities. I ride a 151" and love it but I'm out west in the rockies.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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