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What's in your clutches??

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Hey guys I was just wondering what set up you are using for a 02 700?
What helix? how much weight in the primary? I also want to bring my engagement from 4000rpm's to around 4600rpm's what spring do I need? and also what spring for secondary?
I don't want a clutch kit I just want to see want works good and go from there.. Any info would be great..Thanks
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I put 600 springs in my 700 for a little extra rip and it works pretty well. Its a simple switch and doesn't cost much. Combined with 1 tooth smaller top gear, it makes it pull a bit stronger all the way through.
I had a 44/48 hlix with standard springs in mine and it worked ok. Just called Big John and he's setting me up with a new helix/springs so we'll see what happens!
i got a goodwin clutch kit for an 02 700 with rer, if anyone wants....

new never used...

pm me if you want it..
230/380 primary 17.5gram 52/46 helix, violet ,modified cudney clutch kit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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