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what should i do?

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what should i do to make my 500ss look mean and performe mean what ive got already is in my sig i got 800$ to work with

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Were it me, I would get the cylinders ported. The old 600 responds very favorably to porting.. as it is very conservatively ported. That will use $500 of your $800. I would find a set of new V force reeds for about $150 on ebay.. and I would use the rest to get the head cut.
^^ yup porting would be the first the guy down here does porting and a head mod and claims 10-12 hp depending how how you want the head done. Is a good bit for the money. I would get the oil a lite bushings from snow shooter and the spring spacers for the rear in the stuff by dootalkers section. or if you haven't you can get some better ski's for it. Good luck either way
porting is sweet, but first mod almost anyone does is clutching, hp means nothing if it isn't getting to the track. for 800 you could probably get a good kit and port it
Port it, then clutch it.

You should be able to do both for about 800 bucks or so.

Jerry C.
Porting, and maybe a Head (RKT). You might be a little over budget but not by too much. You would still need to clutch, it, but it would be a very nice setup.
the 500ss comes clutchs pretty much spot on unlike our 6 and 800HO's that are way off from the factory. You do not need to clutch a 500 ss Yes you may have to add a little pin wieght fir the x-tra hp but that is about it.
personaly I don't care if I have the fastest ,best looking sled around I care about seat time, so I would use the money on a trip an extra wkkend away.I see your from NY trust me a few day's in Quebec is worth more than any mods!!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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