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I read ( been reading allot lately) an interesting article written by Olav Aaen in Feb's issue of American Snowmobilier.

He was discussing the history of 2 vs 4 stroke and how we have all seen today's battle before, many times. Good reading if you get the chance. (Something to do while your grass is growing....)

So you think your a 2 stroke and die hard DOO fan?
Answer these: (and add your own)

Who invented the 2 stroke engine?

What was its major drawbacks and how did it overcome?

Who was Day?

What did "edit for bad language" add? (Nothing funny here....)

What famous race did the a Supercharged Trinkle engine play in before WWII?

Who invented crankcase scavenging?

Guess I need to add some honorary names to my sleds for without them my ride would not exist...
Extra Credit:
(People as why the truck says 'Rudy' on the back - anyone know why?)
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