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What belt?

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I am building a 2006 mxzx 600 in a 440 rolling chassis and i was wondering what belt would work on it. Will a belt from any 600 rev work. need help, thanks
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Can anyone help me out?
Ski doo guy said:
Can anyone help me out?
Which clutches are you using?

Its the stock clutch off an 04 600 h.o renegade and the TEAM clutch from the 06 440 roller.
No body knows?
Use either...........I think the primary clutches have the same sheave angle (440 / 600) the STOCK ski-doo secondary clutch is a VSA but the TEAM is in theory, the special 440 belt that is made to work with both is probabbly the MOST correct belt to run........

If ski-doo makes a belt specificly for the MOD engine kit, use tht belt, as it will be stronger than the 440.........

You can even use all the old part #'s that used to fit the older sleds (8607)

I have used them, and they work great...........but best performance will be had with the 440 belt or the 600 or the 800 belt (harder compund)
Ok thanks alot.
#417 300 197 ski doo belt for the 600. Let me know if you need one, I have a couple to sell that are new, never used.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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