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My sled has 144 push thru studs with Fast Trac plastic angled backers. The nuts have worked their way into the plastic backer causing the studs to loosen up to the point that they interfere quite badly with the suspension wheels. They cannot be tightened because I cannot get a socket on them now they are sunk into the plastic backers.

My dilemma is that I am not sure what backers to use as replacements. I really like having the angled backers for better traction but no one seems to make any aluminum angled backers that would work good with push through type studs. Woodys angled aluminum backers Bener style) are flat instead of cupped like their regular backers. They would be good for T nut style studs but I dont think they would be so good for push throughs. Also, Woody's does not recommend them for trail sleds.

Does anyone have experience with the Woodys angled digger backers. These are angled in a way that angles the stud towards the back of the sled so that when it is under load it will actually be pulled straight. These are NOT the bender type of angled backer that rests against the track lugs. They look like they would really help traction compared to a regular backer but they will also cause a rougher surface inside the track that will pass under the suspension wheels. The regular backers will creat a smoother rolling surface for the suspension wheels but will allow the stud to flex from straight to angled forward under traction which will provide less traction than the angled diggers.

I dunno
This is far from a life altering decision but I was wondering what you guys think!

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