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Ok a little history here.

02 mxz 600 sport 9000 km 96 studs installed when it left the dealer, bone stock well...dropped needles. I guess that is stock. Rider 170 lbs

04 mxz 500SS 3500 km 96 studs installed when it left the dealer, bone stock. rider 120 lbs


ice with about 1" of power on top, very few minor drifts

Run One

From dead stop, just sitting on the machine the 500SS pulled by two sled lengths to 80 MPH.

Run two

Dead stop, 600 suspension compressed all the weight standing on the back, 500SS rider just sitting there, 500SS pulled by one sled length to 80 MPH

Run Three

Exact same as run two exept I think I was gaining at 80 MPH although I think my wife is a little timid on the throttle at those speeds.

All things being equal, I think the two sleds are basically dead even to 80 MPH. I think if my studs where sharper ie only 3500km on them, i think it would be similiar.

What I found interesting was, my sled would start to move about 1/2 a second before the SS but at soon as the SS started to move it was gone that one sled length and I could never make it up. I would have thought I would have had better hook up with the extra 50 pounds I have on the back end. Unfortunately the river didn't have a long enough straight stretch to test it out up to 100 MPH. I didn't take a lot of time either to do some rolling starts. It is kinda hard to do without another rider to flag you.

Here is a picture from a couple of weeks ago.

I am wearing the jacket that bombi sent me this summer. Appartently I won it. Its a really nice snowcross jacket. My mother on the left and wife on the right.


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