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Got another 70 miles on my rev this weekend. Rode a few rough trails and it sucked it up unbelievably. Wish I could get alot more time on it but this year isnt looking good, total so far is 200 miles. Also found out that you can accidently bump the rer button while standing, heart dropped to my floor boards when it shut off on the trail but once I heard the * beep beep * I knew what was wrong, what retard. Maybe they should start putting the button on the dash??? All in all, great sled, glad I can add some postives to this site.

On another note, the fusion is alive. My buddy we rode with has one, actually his in the shop, total tear down, dont know whats wrong with it so he was riding his dads. Any how, beat everything on the lake including MachZ's. I was believing all the hype that they were turds but was proven wrong.

We would have got more miles in but my other buddies 02 XC 800 blew up on the lake, but I guess that kind of thing can happen.

Like most I will be praying for more snow and will post more updates if the white stuff falls again....

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