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Hello fellow dootalkers,
As allot of you know, I was/am having issues with my new C&A razors....

just a quick recap.....

My first ride was in very little/loose/powdery snow went well but really not a great test for the skis but was somewhat happy..

Second ride was in some freezing rain so only rode for about 10 minutes as the goggles were icing up but could tell things didn't seem right with the handling of the skis

Third ride is the one that made me say ...."THIS AIN'T RIGHT" the conditions were very crusty ice topped snow...the sled wanted to highside and almost did a few time...

I made my post got a lot of great feedback from everyone.....

I have not made any adjustments to the sled since the 3rd ride but went on a 4th ride yesterday with the girlfriend as she just picked up her MXZ550F..we got about another 6 inches (no crusty snow)....sled handles great..still need some adjustments...but night and day from 3rd ride

There has been alot of debate over the percision skis...I can sum it up in my best opinion....

If you ride need different skis...if you cruise...the stock skis are fine

the testing & adjustments will continue...will post my results
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