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tunnel protectors? do i have them?

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Looked in my tunnel section of my sled and noticed a 1/4 inch black strip going down the tunnel on both side, are these tunnel protectors stock since i do not have studs yet? Are they supposed to cover all the fins like 2-3 inches wide?
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So i can still use them with my stock track and 1.00 studs? What exactly do they protect since all of the other fins are exposed?
Those tunnel protectors are protecting your heat exchangers(the fins), the tunnel protectors are so your track doesnt slap/hit them. I put 1 inch tunnel protectors in with my 1 inch studs. Better safe than sorry, and there not expensive. you would probably be okay with 3/4inch protector.

so when u say 3/4 is that the width of them?
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If you take the protectors out and mesure them theyu are a 1/4inch high, and you should probably put the 3/4inch ones in, it wouldn hurt to put 1inch protectors in but there close with the track. so i also had to drop my tyrack one hole.

I would definitly use the 1" protectors because i used 3/4" protectors with 1 1/16" studs on my old sled and hit a pretty nasty jump which bottomed out the suspention and the studs ripped the crap out of my heat just likecrazy northern rider said Better Safe Than Sorry.
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My track lug is .920 and i bought 1.00 roetin studs and have bought 3/4 tunnels.
just put the 3/4 on and boy if they ar'nt touch the track thet are pretty close? is this going to be a problem? do they sell 1/2 protectors?
A friend has a '99 summit x 670 and one tunnel protector is missing and the remaining one is 1/8" thick. But there are no studs. If not, why are there tunnel protectors and do I need to replace the missing one? Are they to keep even the rubber of the lugs from hitting the fins? I bought one from Royal Distributing, but it is about 3/4" high, while the remaining original one is 1/8" so it'll look pretty stupid (although nobody will see them). I nearly returned it, but shipping was worth 2/3 of what I paid for it so I kept it.
i think they are there to even protect them from the track, mine had 1/4 as well but the 3/4 were to big so i cut a 1/4 off them.
Great idea, for some reason cutting them lower (1/2" off, to make 1/4" like the remaining one) never occurred to me, likely because I don't have a ban-saw, but I'll figure something out. Thanks.
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