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Alright. Completely new to snowmobiles.

A year or so back I stumbled on a freebie and snapped it up for later.

It's a Sep 1996 mfg Skidoo Grand Touring with the Rotax 583.

VIN is 1127 00968 and the frame stamp matches the vin tag.

Completely there, just left sitting under tarps for a decade.

Minor cosmetic stuff but nothing major.

My main mechanical experiences is Harleys, V8s, Japanese bikes and quite a bit of odd and end stuff, but little in the way of 2 stroke let alone snow mobile experience.

So first thing I am after is I am guessing it would have sold as a 97 model? I am not really finding anything searching 96 manuals and I want to make sure I get the correct manual the first time.

The machine itself after some coaxing and tinkering with the starter and such is she spins freely, I poured a bit of oil in the spark plugs after teasing them lose and inspecting the cylinders visually.

The compression (havent psi tested it yet) seems to be equal between cylinders and is definitely there.

I still need to clean up contacts/terminals but I am certainly getting a bright blue/white spark now and can confirm the current flow by the usual means of creating a contact point via myself.

The ugly is of course, a probable carb kit and some new intake boots.

I need to find a good source for the oil lines, the cross over tubes on the carbs (theres a thin blue one that is shot) and the other ones are yellowed and rock hard and fuel line. The oil lines were shot, cracked and broken and suspect the fuel lines aren't much better off.

I want to make sure I am getting fire in the cylinders before spending money all over the wrong place first.

But mainly . . I need the correct service manual for the beastie so I have the info needed to track everything down on the machine itself.

Thanks, Baen, N. Idaho




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Welcome to dootalk and sledding in general.

You are correct, it's a 97.

Looks like she needs a good cleaning. Don't forget the fuel tank. It's likely nasty inside and 2 strokes don't like bad gas. They also don't like no gas so get the fuel system straight before trying to start it. Check the in tank pickup line and filter.

The carbs will need a cleaning. Usually there is no need to replace anything in the carbs but complete disassembly is necessary and an overnight soak may be required.

Liquid Human body Cosmetics Fluid Paint

Save these sites for future use.

Part numbers and diagrams.

Manuals. Most files have 3 to 5 volumes covering all models.


After market parts.

Remember, if it needs to be done, there is a youtube video for it. Good luck.


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