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transporter for rent in Calgary

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We need 2 trucks(crew cab awd 2500) with deck to carry sleds up in northern BC from Calgary in february 07 for a two week trip. Sleds would be sent by truck from east and we fly in and out from Calgary.

Anyone knows if there's a rental service for that type of rig in Calgary?
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Rich...if anyone of your buds are hurtin for a sled need to rent one, I searched around and found Calgary.

They offer same sleds as everyone else but best value for rentals.

Want to hear how your sled turns out.

Should'nt be a problem finding trucks any rental company here in alberta should be able to help you.
Finding trucks won't be a problem but finding trucks with decks may be. Your best bet would be to rent a truck and 4 place trailer. You could even get an enclosed to add extra comfort for your trip.
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