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Trail Camera Vandal

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I captured a photo of the vandal that broke the flash on my trail camera.
The photo is a little fuzzy, but the culprit is identified as female, approx 125 lbs. and long legs. She travels in a gang wearing brown and white colors so she may be difficult to single out. Any information on the whereabouts of this criminal will be greatly appreciated.
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Looks like there are a few accomplices in the background. darn hoodlums...


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is there a bounty?
cant wait till the end of oct for muzzel loader season to open then riffle
At one time I had a crush on her and wanted to get jiggy with her. But she would do it with any one who would take the time to chase her around the back yard a couple times.

One time in band camp

I mean one time when I was trying to date her she eat 50lbs of apples in one evening then when I tried to take her home
she runs off

I am not even going to tell you what she did with the corn on the cob.
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Did it break it or just knock it down?

I can't wait until hunting season either. I love it.

Broke the flash - I guess she got PO'd while she was feeding. She's was real accurate with her target.
Great pics!
I think you'll have to upgrade to a cam with an infrared flash.

look like you could have some deer meat for dinner with out having to go far to find deer
Your trail camera faired better than one of ours did. We went into the woods one morning to retrieve the film out of our camera, and when we got there, the camera was gone and the film was laying on the ground by the tree.....After we cooled down abit, we decided to atleast get the film developed to see if we could learn anything. Got the pictures back and found a whole bunch of them contained pictures of the thiefs male anatomy. (unfortunately for us, the thief was a male)That was his message to us. If that doesn't tick you off. He must have somehow spotted the camera, which was camo'd pretty well. I don't know if the flash went off and he saw that?
......Now, I see that they have come out with these new types of digital cameras that don't use a flash. That is what I will be buying.
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