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Couldn't stand it any longer.
Been itching for a PTEK and SC4 way too long.
Last week I was getting my 04 Gade serviced
and I looked at an 05 X 800.
I was weak and caved.

It's yellow with the bee ?
That's going, new black panels and paint in the works,
with the X decals from 05.
192 woodys, longer ones up the middle.
Anyway, coming off the gade with 1 1/4 track got me thinking.
I like the extra bite in the trails.
So now I'm thinking of getting a new track.
The one I hear the most about is the Ripsaw.
But the paddles don't look as wide as the regular doo track.
Any ideas or suggestions.

I will most likely have a 121 1" track
with 1000 miles on it, never studded for sale

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i went with a 1.5 ripsaw on my 04 800x came with the 1.0 from from factory.

a true paddle track isn't the best trail track in my oponion for the fact of possible iceed corners and they just don't have much ice traction.

the rip saw i think is the greatest thing since sliced bread huge diffrence from the 1.0 i do mostly trail with a little off trail and it is really a nice middle track. not as good as a 2.0 but a 2.0 will be pretty rough on the trails espically if you studd it.
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