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Track Editing Tools

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Attached is a video I made showing how I have used the Mapsource Track Tools to edit tracks down to a more manageable number. Sometimes you have maps with tracks that are segmented and can be joined...short tracks that "T" and loops off a main trail that can be joined into a single track.

With the limited number of tracks that can be stored on a Garmin GPSr these track editing tools come in handy.

This example is a simple map with 4 tracks that have been reduced down to 1....just to give you an idea how you could manage a more complex map with many tracks.

I start out showing how to join 2 tracks (red and green) that are ajoining...grab the Join on the end of one track and click on the beginning of second track. 4 tracks have been reduced to 3.

Next is splice in a short "T" trail (cyan)...grab the Divide Tool and split the track right at the "T"...grab the Join Tool and splice the first part of split track to the cyan track (depending which direction the original track was running you may have to invert it) now we have to run the track back down to the split so grab the Draw Tool and click on each point...grab the Join Tool and splice it to the second portion of track that we had split. 3 tracks have been reduced to 2.

Next is splice in a loop (blue) off main trail...done pretty much the same way as the "T". 2 tracks down to 1.
Track Tool Video
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