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Torsion axle alignment out

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After a 120 mile highway ride (60 up and 60 back) this past Sunday and having the right side tire blow out on the highway, I see my left tire severely worn on the inside. I measured outside to outside front/rear and the left wheel is 1/4" toed out. This would explain the sudden wear. Both tires were fine the day before.
Anyone ever try to force one into alignment? The trailer is a 12' x 102" enclosed SnoPro. I was hauling the SxS at the time.

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Trailer axles are bent to track behind your vehicle, I have never owned a straight one. Some spindles can be replaced but most often are welded in place. The torsion axles do give me more problems than a sprung one, mounts rot and bend or break, rubber falls apart.
I'm not a fan of those that are bolted through the frame as I have seen frames crack at the bolts or rub thin and fail. You used it forever then cut one side off the tire first check the hub then the spindle.
I have had the same problem with trailers using torsion axial. Especially as they age. The rubber allows the axial to loose alignment as you put more weight on. Trailer manufacturers give just enough axial to get you by at the least cost. It stayed together didn’t it? No one said tire would last a long time right. You really don’t want to use more than 2/3 of you axle capacity.
You could replace axial with stronger one but how do you know if your frame is strong enough. Tires/wheels may need upgrading too. Think about a new trailer with dual axles
21 - 23 of 23 Posts