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2006 Ski-Doo Race Dept. TIP Sheet
Ski-Doo Racing, 7575 Bombardier Court, Wausau, WI 54401
Number: 02 Date : 01/11/06
WARNING: This information relates to the preparation and use of snowmobiles in competitive events. Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) disclaims liability for all damages and/or injuries resulting from the improper use of the contents. We strongly recommend that these modifications be carried out and/or verified by a highly skilled professional racing mechanic. It is understood that racing or modifications of any Bombardier made snowmobile voids the vehicle warranty and that such modifications may render use of the vehicle illegal in other than sanctioned racing events under existing federal, provincial and state regulations.
Now available, is a performance upgrade kit which will increase the output 8-10 HP of the factory 600 mod engine kit sold earlier. The kit contains: 1- base gasket, 2 - Higher compression insert domes, 2 - exhaust spacers and gaskets, 8 - exhaust bolts. The cost of this kit is $225 USD plus shipping and is only available from the Valcourt or Wausau Race Dept. Contact J.F. in the Valcourt Race Dept. at [email protected] or [email protected] in Wausau to order.
Holeshot Button
Locate the 6 pin connector that the Holeshot button wires plug into under the dash. Push the wires into the connector to make sure they are secure. A bad connection will result in poor performance.
Due to the unavailability of competition style wear bars, do not use the new stock Pilot 5.7 skis for any form of racing
Exhaust Deflector
To eliminate snow from getting packed into the exhaust outlet when the machine lands in deep snow, fabricate and install a deflector in front of the outlet. This will prevent the engine from "bogging" after it lands.
ECM Plug
I had some reports of the ECM connector coming unplugged when racing. To prevent this, use a cable tie to secure the connector in place.
Exhaust Pipe seams splitting - 440
We have received some reports of welded seams splitting. We have forwarded this information to our Engineering Dept. for analysis. I have also informed ISR of this concern. If you encounter this problem, reweld the seams to prevent this from happening.
Reminder……..You can only order parts by fax or Email from the Valcourt Race Dept. The Fax number is 450-532-5076 or the email [email protected] To order parts form the Race Support Truck, Call 320-251-2882 or fax to 320-251-3733
Thank You and good luck racing
Tom Lawrence
Ski Doo Race Coordinator
7575 Bombardier Court
Wausau WI. 54401
Ph: 715-848-4971
Fax: 715-847-6879
E-mail: [email protected]
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