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my buddy has a 98 machz. last season he had some issues.he picked up a formula3 and he used some parts from that 600 tripple(96 formula 3 i believe.) i think the stator, flywheel, cdi and something else i forget what he told me now? he says that it runs now but something is wrong seems out of time? he was told that the 600 700 800 parts were interchangeable? i thought i read on here the other day a guy was going to buy a 700 tripple engine for about the same price as it would cost him to get a new crank and someone told him he would need to change his cdi because the timing was differant??

does he need to get a cdi for an 809 or is the 600 ok?

if he needs a diff cdi would a cdi from a 94 machz 779 work??

any help would be appreciated.. he's starting to get frustrated with it!!

thanks guys!
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