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the new ecm carberated system by ski-doo

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Carburetion system - New engine control module [ECM] with refined programming and new TM-34 carburetors with ECM-controlled power jet all to improve holeshot and acceleration..... thats what they came out with for the 06 sled ... so can you just add the ECM to 03 440x carbs and if so how much would the ecm be, what does it look like and how does it work
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no...doesnt work that way...the 03 had "non-powerjet carbs" and the MPEM was a different configuration all together...different wattage from the coil...diffrerent connectors thru the harness and such...just not that can take your 03 and add the 04 or 05 MPEM...that would give you the ability to preheat...but thats it...carbs were the same as yours.
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