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team inudstries stuff

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I want to get the power to the ground better. I also want the rpms to engage around 5500, Do you think this will do the trick?

Clutch Weights - Ski-doo
930940Ski-Doo Pin Kit, 11 to 16.5 Grams

Helix, Twin Trax - Ski-doo
42043754 -440.4644Straight

Clutch, Rapid Reaction - Ski-doo
420941Ski-Doo Clutch (splined)

Clutch Springs - Ski-doo

Clutch Springs - Ski-doo
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What year is your sled?

Depending on year, you could do well to get a more aggressive helix. The rest may work, but again need the year to be sure.
The guy that owned my 01 before me called up ski-doos factory in quebec ( he works at the dealer ) and they sent him different weights and pins to make it engage alot later.
Another question....when you say put the power to the ground better, do you mean spin the track less or put more of the engine's power to the ground?

I think the drive spring is a little low too for your target engagement, but again need the year.
I have a 2001 mxzx 440 set up for trail
i think you need to be more specific on what you want as a final result. Might i suggest you start by contacting DynamoJoe...his kit can make a formula type driven sing...its fine to go with a team clutch, but the items you already have can be tuned to the target you want with just a little attention and cost...the alternative, buying a team driven is great, but remember, it too will need to be tuned.

easy, and most apropriate answer.

contact Joey.
I agree with CoolFlyer word for word.

If for some reason you must convert to the TEAM, we can help guide you but there will be some experimentation and that means buying parts you don't need. Joe has already done that for you with his kit. I'd start there for sure.
Last year on my 04 I ran this set-up for trail / off trail. It is a U.P Mich version of the 04 goodwin race kit setup. with a 1.6 track I was able to holeshot most 800 / 600's

98style Team
TRAIII primary

Team Secondary Spring, 140-240, Red / Black
white / silver primary 260-420
16.5 grams
74-40.46 Helix
I would think with that helix and soft secondary spring you could holeshot almost any sled. Does the sled still backshift at medium know as you are going through whoops and want to land on the back side of one and pin it to leap to the next one?

I have found a 66/44 (.46) to be too much with a black/Lt. blue spring! Though I loved the 66/44 for just trail cruising and corner to corner riding. Once the track leaves the ground though the backshift was waaaayyyy to slow.

Just curious what your experience has been.
It was okay for backshift. low speed backshift was right on ( 0 - 30 mph), but anything above 30mph it was week at. I played alot last year with the team.

My end conclusion for trail / off trail. Ditch the Team and run Joey's kit on the 03 clutches. Thats inevitably what I did.
what about my 01????? I want to get more acceleration out of it. My friend has a sponser from team so I am not going to get DynamoJoe. If my friend didnt have the sponsership I would. So is this going to be the right set up. I want my Rpm's to engage around 5500. If its 5300 it wont kill me, if its 5600 it wont kill me. Is this the right set up for my sled?
Thanks guys
is the team industry cluthc better then stock overall ... or pretty much the same say if you were to put the stock 53/47 i think thats the stock helix withe the beige spring in it??
anyways point being is the secondary cluthc better compared to stock on a 440
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