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So here's my story i wanted to share because i sure I'm not the only person this has happened to.

I ordered a hood online for my wifes sled its an 03 rev james bond edition. Silver hoods are back ordered and are EXPENSIVE. Cheapest I could find one was 240 bucks shipped to my door. So i ordered it jan 7 fast foward to today i finally get it open the box and mother bleeeeeeppper. Looks like someone run it over with a truck. I called the company and they said send it back and they will order another so at least im not totally screwed but I waited a month for this baby I'm sure the second gonna be at least that and then some.

So if there's anybody out there that needs a silver hood for a rev good luck. Special editions sleds equal $$$$$$$$

Figured i'd share my bad luck thanks
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