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Harro! I´ve posted this tread on the mtn side - and maybe I should hear the performance-guy´s too:

I´m a yamaha driver who´s about to convert to Ski-Doo.
I´m hooked on the Summit X 800 144 - But couldn´t get one for this season - Was out too late.
This time I´m going the Snow Check Way - For the next season that is.
Thinking of buying the new Summit X 144" track - because of the terrain uphere in Greenland - where I live everyting over 144 is way too long!

I´m considering the Renegade X because of it´s maneuvrebillity og abillity to jump - a perfect machine for the backcountry uphere-
BUT my dear brother, whom I compete with - has aqquired a Apex Mtn 162"..!!

If I buy a Gade there´s none nor not much competition on the highmarking - Bit if I aqquire the Summitx.. Then we´re in buisness...! On the other hand....??

The pro´s and con´s on the two machines compared to each other??

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Renegade X for jumping/ high speed trail/ off trail (1 3/4" track I assume)

Summit X for off trail/ medium speed trail/ medium jumping

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