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Summit 1000

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Just wondering if anyone has a better than stock set up for a 2005 162" summit running from dea level to 3000ft. a friend of mine owns the sled and wants me to improve on it for him. if no one has any suggestions of sprongs/helix/ramps/weights where would we go about getting a kit? i will defintally play with it a bit befor bying a kit, just looking for some suggestions.
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...might be more economical in the long run to get a kit instead of spending $$$ on parts that more than likely will sit on the shelf.

Mark Writes:
Mark from Kiruna Sweden running the S8X helix in his 05 1000 RT. Quotes: Summit1000 151 with DJ's S8X setup, depending on gearing (19/49) it rips your arms out, today I tried it with 23/49 stock and its perfect touring or cruising with that extra grunt or top speed (>150km/h)if needed. Still no ski touching the snow when on the you get a gas pedal(car) kinda feel on the throttle, if you put the needle on 5,6,7,8000 it just stays there until you let go
Joe, guess its just finetuning left! We had a perfect sky, pow,
etc......and the S8X starts to perform to my expectations.
We took off from work and went into the backyard here in Kiruna! Got the
Lasergun Termometer for clutch temps and it seems pretty good to me.
Primary had around 75 C° and the Sec. was around 65 C°, Belt 70, guessing
the sec gets much more fresh air from the vents in the panel.
Check the walks up the mountain:
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joe, i gues this helps prove your "run what u brung" saying about your kit. ill talk to my buddy. hes the one forking out the $$$$. i always spend the money and do my own, i have parts sitting on the shelf to prove it. i just like to learn and get better at stuff. but for my budds summit he may perfer to just run a kit....
does any one have any suggestions besides the kit?
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