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You guys that have installed the 43-47 helix - are you getting a straight shift or does it over-rev a bit at the start?

I currently have the stock 412 ramps, 160-290 primary spring, clicker 3. Secondary has new rollers, 43-47 helix and the green secondary spring.

When I hammer it I get 8400 rpms. It drops quick to 8300 and by the time I hit about 40 to 50 mph it's down to right at 8000 and stays there. Is this typical?

The reason I ask is because I started freshen up the clutches after I was getting only 7300 rpms with the stock clutching. I had the new springs and helix ready to install and I didn't really want to take the secondary out a second time cause it's a PITA. The rpm issue might have been in the clutches or it might still be un-resolved, maybe fuel supply or raves...
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