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We don´t know everything about the 05 vs. 06 updates, new stuff and tech yet, and maybe we haven´t seen everything from the 2006 line-up.
There are very nice improvments on the new sleds and the Mach Z X and 1000 Renegade is awesome.

The Rev is still the best sled, and it´s going to be that way this year, but the competition is closing in!
Yamaha with new eninge, more lightweight stuff, more models and bump sleds.
Polaris new chassies in almost the entire line-up, EPA cert. engines.
A-c new chassies and EPA cert. engines.
All manufactory sleds will be Rev-ish.

I think many wants a new 800(or700)H.O SDI (or DI,E-Tec).
BRP says 2-stoke w. SDI and/or DI/E-Tech is the way of the future. I belive them. But, it´s time to build them!

STEINBO and others that have some contacts at BRP, please talk to them. We dont want to swith brand.

It looks like the Freestyler needs to be a big hit, if BRP is going to stay no.1 this year.

Maybe they can tweak the PT even more this year, 150 hp, similar fuel consumtion as the 600SDI (or at least better than the "old" 800SDI), no choke.
Also more lightweight stuff! The battery for the ES sleds must be a lightweight battery.

Still not to late...?

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