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I have done some searches, but cannot find the specifics about my sled. Looking for specs on factory spring on 2005 Summit 800HO Adren. After breaking in, I am thinking these spring, especially the front shock springs are too light for me. I can stand on the running boards without hanging on to the handle bars, and lean outwards and roll the entire sled wwaaaayyyyy over. As this is great in the powder, it sucks on the trails.

Unfortunately, I have to run trails to get to most powder. It is just too tippy on the trails at higher speeds...although it loves the bumps...the front end seems to tip too much.

I am looking for the best of both worlds here.....more solid on the trails and still easy to pull over in the powder. IS it my springs, or am I heading down the wrong trail here? Or, is it just the nature of the Summit...and learn to live with it?

I weigh in around 215...without the gear. Are these stock springs too light? Do I need heavier spring? Where to buy and what springs...if so?

Thanks for the help....Alaskan
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