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speedo relay - need diagram

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I was looking for a diagram for the speedo relay - i know it is under the dash above the secondary. is there a diagram i can send to someone else who also needs this fix?
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wiring diagram?

typically with relays it is as follows

terminal 30 is the input
terminal 87/87a outputs ( some outputs are isolated,normally closed and/or open)
terminal 86 trigger to operate relay
terminal 85 gnd for relay

some relays,85/86 can be reversed,as in 85 power and 86 gnd......

if you ever unsure if a relay is bad/good...remove it and use a jumper wire between terminal 30/87.... this is the "in -n- out " of the relay. be sure this action will not cause probelms though...typically never.
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I think hes looking for a diagram to show the relays position in the circuit!

If thats the case i believe REV*BARON has some diagrams... Not 100% sure though...
pin 30 and 87 are always the switch side, and pin 85 and 86 are the coil side. you can test it with a volt meter and test the resistance of the coil and the resistance of the switch side, energized and denergized.
yeah - location - like a micro fische showing where it is at
anyone have pic of this relay on the sled? I know it is above the secondary under the console, but I no longer own a rev, so I can't look at it. I am trying to explain it to someone else.
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Go here and look up the electrical should help you have to click on online parts finder then year and model you want then you can see a diaghram and such
thanks gsx rider that was it
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