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I had this discussion else were and thought it would be worth bringing up here on dootalk.

I went and drooled over the XP freeride when the specs were anounced and one thing stuck out to me was the fact that the rear arm of the skid is mounted 4.5" further back than the other summits.

It seems to me that the average guy could move the arm back... just like skidoo. Skidoo even states this is done to improve ski pressure consitancy and weight transfer. OK, now compair this to the timbersled.... it mounts a few inches further back as well. Now on the rev you would need a custom drop bracket that would maintain the same "mounting plain" while moving the mount rearward, really not too hard in theroy.

To do it, remount the springs further back on the skid ( skidoo just used some cheesy brackets ) , new drop brackets on the tunnel, shock/torque arm mounting relocated, or extended to accept a longer shock like the freeride.

Now, the only down fall to all this that I can see is that the upper wheels will be moved back too, this would tighten the track and may mean that there is not enough adjustment.

OK, now what do you all think? Worth it? Worth a try?
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