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Snowmobiling SAE team at my college

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I am attending Kettering University in Flint, Michigan for engineering. What I found cool about this school is that they compete in the Clean Snowmobile Challange. What that is, is there are 15 different schools that take a stock snowmobile and basically try to make it as: quite, cleanest burning, fastest, lightest, and efficient as possible. What we have is a 2006 polaris.(its not a doo but it was given to us by polaris.) it runs on E-85 and has a bunch of different stuff done to it.

What im looking for is if anyone has any experience with mufflers or anything that they could send me or email me. I know it is a polaris but I know there is a ton of knowledge on this site. If anyone has any advise or tips on how to get it to run cleaner and just anything. Last year the school took 5th overall and they had to start from scratch. we already have the current sled and can do alot more to it. The competion is hosted at michigan tech, which is in Houghton, MI and is scheduled for march 19th-24th. So we have alittle over 5 months.

Any donations or parts would also be great and are tax deductable. I can send more info if anyone is willing to help. that is the 2006 results.

This is the sae website for the clean snowmobile challange.

Like I said if you have anything you think my be useful just send me a PM.

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Zach, I was part of the Clarkson Team the past four years before I graduated, being the team leader for my last three finishing 2nd and 4th my last two years. There is no "exact science" to building a muffler for a sled, Leading the exhaust team also and after much research, cutting up car and other power sport mufflers, talking to industry experts, it was confirmed that a formula did not drive the building and designing off a exhaust system. For example, last year, we had a three part exhaust system, each w/ 3 different designs, making MANY different combinations to test. We did baseline testing, (HP, torque..etc using a land-n-sea water break dyno), we also testing sound, vibration, GPH..etc. Than we tested each combination for the exhaust, found a happy medium for what we were looking for and used that. The number one thing that hurt us (3 times) was increased back pressure, warping a four stroke head, which is not cheap! Let me know what else I can help with.
thanks, ill pass this all on to the team.
I don't know much about your particular topic, but this sounds like a sweet project. I did SAE's Mini Baja competition at UNH about 4 years ago. A guy I work with now did the Formula1 car. This was by far the coolest part of college for me. This'll be an awesome experience for you, especially if you want to get into this industry. It's a good thing to put on your resume and talk about at interviews. I know a lot of guys would've jumped at the chance to do the clean snowmobile project if it was offered. Mini Baja was still pretty cool too. We competed in the East Competition in Orlando Fla, pretty rough!!
Good luck and let us know how you do. If I come across any info on your muffler I'll let you know!
i will and thanks

we also would like to get a better intercooler for it if someone does any on those

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