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snowmobile brand choice

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If you had to own/buy a sled other than your skidoo what brand would it be ?
A ) Yamaha 3346.48%
B ) Arctic Cat 1723.94%
C ) Polaris 1521.13%
D ) Other 68.45%
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I Don't think this type of poll has been done before on dootalk and i'm curious to see what brand of sled everybody would own if they didnt already own the best sled in the world ( skidoo of course )
If yamaha still had a performance 2 stroke offering I would pick yamaha for sure. I think they've built great sleds over the year. I just don't like they dumped all their R&D money into 4 strokes. Sure, maybe some day the EPA will mandate that all sleds have to be 4 strokes, and yamaha might have a little jumpstart on the game, but I think BRP is smart to do that R&D in their PWCs instead of their sleds.

If ski-doo stopped making sleds, I would probably buy a used ski-doo.
I would get an older cat 440 sno pro

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cam-am outlander w/ tracks
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I'd have to go with the M-Series cats. They are the only mountains sleds that come close to a summit. The new Dragon has yet to prove itself, but it might be an option.

But like someone else already mentioned. I'll probably buy used Rev's for a long time. Seriously, Rev Summit and Gades are the bomb!
500ss man said:

Ditto............... "would be my last choice though" DOO would have to be pretty bad.....
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It would be a yami

Home made turbo and i would be good to go!
daredog said:

cam-am outlander w/ tracks

Only you DD.

I think that I would have to go with cat, because of the speed that they put out. But the talk about the dragon polaris maybe. I hope that I don't have to make that decision.

keep your answers coming guys !
I think that if I had no other choice but to choose a sled other than my skidoo it would probably be a yammie but arctic-cat would defenitely be a close second and polaris i don't like all that much
It would have to get pretty bad to switch but it would be Yammi if it had to go that route.
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