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Hoping for snow
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Hey all

So last year I made the leap to better googles and bought a pair of 509 sinster x5 black ops. I didn't get to use them much due to the poor weather was pretty overcast that day and short season but really liked the optics. I picked the x5 frame so I could swap Mx-5 lenses for atv use. Now I'm trying to decide on A what colour lenses and B a second x5 frame.

Current inventory


skidoo smith googles yellow tint

scott Xi frames photochromatic clear to blue (foam as fallen off during last use so probably garbage)

sinster x5 black ops


Smith frames

- amber lens

- fire mirror

- clear

Lenses I'm looking at


509 fire mirror/rose tint (tear off posts)


509 Polarized bronze

Now if I was going to purchase another frame as almost every goggle thread people suggest having 2 goggles during your ride with different tint. Taking into account short winters and much longer atv season.

Would buy a snow frame with another tint? If so which one?

Would you buy a dirt frame? If so which one?

I'm leaning towards frames with lenses with tear off posts to extend lens life.
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