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Snow Hawk

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My buddy has a 05 snow-hawk, and we were compairing Y-pipes the other day and mine is 800PT and he has the 600HO would a guy be able to put a 800 on a 600??? Obviously mine is a little bit bigger. The bolt holes match up, and I just think he would get better flow? Am I right???

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Sounds like a bad idea... What makes you think it needs better air flow? The complete exhaust is designed for the engine. Start swaping parts with a 800 and you will likely lose performance.
I wouldn't mess with exhuast dimensions. Message RadChad on here, he builds pipes and can give you an idea of what you'd be dipping into.
Ok guys... I was just asken?

I had them both ceramic coated yeasterday and was wondering if the mixed them up?. Thats all. The look close to being the same. I just wanted to get sum heads up. Thanks...
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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