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Hey guys, this is my first real post on about my show I joined this site as a payed sponson of the site and I do ride a Cat, but I am just thrilled about the sport of snowmobiling in general. I was the administrator at for 2 years, but I decided to do this radio bit as a new venture. So some of you may know me from there.

Anyway, without rambling too much, I invite you to check out and listen to my latest show.

I am really interested in discussing some Ski-Doo performance, but since that is not my expertise, I have kinda stayed away from it in order not to sound like a total "edit for bad language". So, if any of you out there are interested that really know the Doo line and are interested, drop me a line.

Some upcoming show guests are John Dee of and I have contacted Jim of DynoTech Research, but I have not booked a time with him. So stay tuned about that one.


p.s. Please VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE for the show on the right navigation area of the site. The more votes I get, the more positive press the sport of snowmobiling will receive. You can vote once every 24 hours!!!

You can also leave your comments too. I really appreciate those as well.
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