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hi all . i have a idea w/ my skis for more side bite in loose snow .
i stretched my skid to a 136 w/ 1.25 track this yr . sofar i love it , but im getting a push in the cornners in loose snow or fluff. on hardpack it rails nicely at modarate speeds . sometimes it lifts the inside ski when i take a cornner on hardpack.

my idea is too give it more keel ht by pulling the wear bars and adding a strip of old hyfax the length of the wear bar. by giving it about a 1/2"or so more keel ht this would give it more side bite surface to hold against in the loose snow . does this make any sence?

i adjusted my skid and ski pressure to where it steers good on hardpack and not to much to make it dart when dropping off the gas coming into a cornner. but get in the loose stuff and it wants to push . im fairly light so i dont have the body english to over power the wt of the sled alot. i figure this would be like a set of easy steers but thicker for the deeper snow which is my main objective for better side bite. any thoughts ? thanks
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