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Based on the information provided by members of the community, it appears that the pricing of the new Ski Doo advex helmet is over $1000 with a communicator. It is suggested that buying a CKX Carbon Fiber Mission helmet and a communicator would be cheaper.
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This would be a $1300 to $1500 helmet for me. Helmet + communicator + the E linq.

NO THANKS BRP. I'll get a mission + cardo edge and not have to be tethered.

The Cardo Edge has been great so far and battery life is a non-issue from our using it so there is no need to be tethered. I think you could go at least 12 hours of continual use on a charge so need for a tethered electrical connection.

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Hopefully there is no nighttime glare or distortion like on the bvs2 and the oxygen then it might be worthy of the price tag
The night time glare was only on the newer BV2s. My older one is the best helmet I've had. Almost bought a new one, but the shield was visible not as clear as my old one. I'm done with BRP helmets.
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