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Item: ski doo 1000/machz/rt TURBO KIT
Category: Sled
Year: n/a
Location: cranbrook bc
Price: 3000 OBO

I have a turbo kit I made up for the ski doo summit x 1000, however since the sled chassis up front is the same as a mach z anyways... it should work all the same on one

The kit includes everything you need except a few not so custom things you need to do to the motor (wiseco pistons and a 1.3mm base gasket! and a boost gauge, mine was cheap and broke LOL :rolleyes_old: ) I have custom machined domes, a custom fuel controller which you can re-program and adjust fuel settings through a infared usb thingy (forgot the name right now ;D) the turbo is a 2876 ball bearing garrett, great turbo. I got a oil pump and custom oil pan for the turbo, it is NOT intercooled however i had it setup that I sucked air from outside the hood through a snorkel like the turbo'd yami's use, and it worked great! I could dump it under a ft or 2 of snow while carving and never had any issues with it plugging up under the snow. I have a KOSO DUAL EGT with the fast responding probes. the airbox has a blow off valve and I had the clutching dialed in pretty darn good I'd say.

WHO EVER BUYS THIS KIT I WILL GIVE MY FULL KNOWLEDGE AND SUPPORT even years down the road because I want to see this on somebodys sled and showing people what a 1 of a kind turbo 1000 can do on the hills ;)

the kit its self used the STOCK FUEL SYSTEM! no mods there guys! stock fuel injectors and fuel pump. i just hooked up the controller as if it was a boondocker box.

I mainly ran 6# on it due to waiting for proper clutching components but Overall from day 1 until I had to call it quits the kit I probably put a solid 2-2500 Kms on it between 2 seasons and the last season I had it dialed in so damn good that at 6# STOCK 162" TRACK I was pretty close to a 240 horse nytro the pump gas M8's running their 9 or so # boost at elevation even with their 162's ant a 153 2.5 could not touch me. I was long gone past them :grinch

Theres lots of little bits to it Im probably forgetting to mention since a long summer has passed! BUT IF ANYBODY IS SERIOUSLY INTERESTED! LET ME KNOW AND SEE IF WE CAN WORK SOMETHING OUT :)

Videos and pics of the machine! (makes me so sad now seeing the videos and the beast!)

very first ride on the sled last winter after a few changes to everything, a buddy was on it and just said holy crap :righton





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