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Hi all,

Do any of you know if the Y pipes for the 500LC and 600 are the same shape? I know the engine side flanges are different.

Trying to put a factory exhaust in my Skandic SUV. The sled was originally 550 fan, I swapped in a 521 (536) RV motor years ago with a welded-up exhaust. It worked well but it's always been loud. I just replaced the 536 with a newer 582RV. SUV1 gave me a muffler from a 600, which should be a good match for the 582, but I don't have a Y pipe, and the 600 Y pipe won't fit as the cylinder flanges are a different shape. I think one from a 500LC would work great ,but they are tough to find, and I am not sure that it will fit.

Second question, anyone have a 500LC Y pipe as spare that they would sell?

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