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Solid shape, underbody some frame rust, but not even close to rotten. Perfect deck, all lights working, extra long tongue for easier backing up, and better vision of the trailer when towing.
Brand new tires, bearings are noisy, but aren't showing any play or slack yet. I can replace them before purchase if buyer wants to work something out $$ wise.
Tilting rear loading deck, no swivel.

It USED to be a double trailer, but the new sleds are a hell of alot wider, so it can easly be used as a single, and it tows very nice. Its got ski locking bars and tiedown loops in the rear.

Would also be a good "utility" trailer for towing lawmowers, or anything you want to cart around.
$600 obo.

Located In Ontario Canada
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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