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i have several shop manuals for sale the prices are american and shipped to your door

clymer arctic cat shop manual 1990-1998 $22 shiped to your door, good condition only defect is two creases in the cover and small amount of figer prints on pages due to working on sled and looking at book at same time

snowmobile service manual 11th edition $22 shipped to your door just like new

snowmobile service 7th edition almost like new $15 shipped to your door

clymer vintage snowmobile volume II covers most polaris 73-79, ski-doo 70-79 and yamaha 75-80 this book has all the pages but got wet on the garage floor a few years back pages are all still there and very readable but wrinkled, the binding in falling apart and held together by duck tape. $8 shipped to your door
would rather pretty much give it away than throw it away because it may be ugly but probley still helpfull to someone with older sleds

email [email protected]
or pm me here thanks
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