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Transporting Your Snowmobile

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Planning a winter getaway and want to bring the snowmobile along?
Sold your sled on eBay and need to get it to the buyer? Sending your ski-doo
out for storage in the off season? These are just a few of the many reasons
you could be hiring a carrier to transport your vehicle in the near future,
and if so it is important to be prepared. The following will walk you through
the process of prepping a snowmobile for shipment.

-Check the Condition- Even though the chances of your
snowmobile being damaged on a haul are remote, it's always a good idea to do a
quick once-over before handing it to a shipping company. Make note of any
existing damage and take pictures. This documentation will come in handy if
you are forced to file an insurance claim. You may also briefly review this
information with the handler at the point of exchange.

-Store Loose Accessories- There is nothing wrong with
storing personal items in the sled's compartments, but keep in mind that the
insurance probably won't cover these things if they are lost or damaged. If
you do decide to leave personal items in the snowmobile, be sure that you
remember to lock all compartments. Also, shipping companies will only ship
stuff that fits inside the vehicle, so larger items such as helmets must be
packed and transported separately.

-Keys! Keys! Keys! The keys won't be needed at any point
by the carrier, but they will definitely come in handy if you plan on riding
it again. Mail them separately, tie them to the handlebars or bring them
separately, just don't forget them.

Most carriers do not require you to remove the battery or drain
the gas tank, but you should make sure that you are clear on any additional
preparation they may require.

Safe sledding!

Written by Ben Leffler of,
an online marketplace for
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