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Howdy all,

I'm doing my first 800 crank and I hope to do it right the first time. I decided to go the Isoflex route this time around rather than drill the case. So I'm wondering if any of you old hands would care to spread your knowledge around along with your Isoflex...

The shop manual goes into great detail about the PTO side but has nothing about the mag side. Is the mag side packed with Isoflex as well? How much do you use? Do you jam both sides full or use just enough? and how much is just enough? How do you get it in all the cracks and crevices? Does it take a full 50ml tube or just part of one?

How often do you remove the motor and check the bearings? Do you have a zerk setup to shoot it every year?

Thanks in advance for the info, it's like gold. FYI I did do a search but the posts weren't specific enough for what I need to know.


PS - it's a 2004 Adrenaline 800HO


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