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Trying to figure out some clutching issues with excessive belt slip at take-off and lower vehicle speed.

I'm using the QRS with a ACSS-05 purple torsion spring (86-148lbs.) set at 18lbs, 47/40 helix, TAPP clutch with "22 ramps, black spring, 3000 rpm engagement. From 80kph to full shift, performance is very good with proper max RPM (8600) and backshift. Up to 80KPH it hits the rev limiter with any heavy throttle application. Currently running 27/45 gearing with a 1.75X146 ripsaw and 13lbs boost

I'm not sure I have the right helix, is there a "rule of thumb" that indicates when and how much helix angle should change in relation to spring pressure. For example if I go from 18lbs to 28lbs preload and it reduces or eliminates the belt slip, does that mean I should lower my helix angle so I can lower spring preload? If it does indicate i need a helix change how do I guess at how much should I change helix angle?

How much is to much twist in a torsion spring before you risk breaking the spring? 28lbs requires about 105 degrees of twist

How much preload is to much and secondary clutch efficiency drops off?

I appreciate any help/suggestions you have
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