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I recently played around with my clutches and some friends of mine were helping me align the clutches. They took my secondary off and twisted it and said I didn’t have enough preload. So we took it apart and they said the helix had to be twisted around the shaft at least once before securing it on the key. They were really struggling with this and couldn’t get it. I've never heard of anyone that had to do this. They told me there is a special tool to turn the helix around. Anyone know for sure?

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Subsection 04 (DRIVEN PULLEY)

Refer to PULLEY DISTANCE AND ALIGNMENT 05-05 to adjust pulley distance. Adjust drive belt height in driven pulley to obtain specified belt de-flection. Turn Allen screws no. 10 equally accord-ingly.
5, Spring General
It is usual to experience spring setting during breaking period of a new spring. The factory spring preload is slightly higher to compensate for spring setting. Specifications in TECHNICAL DATA 10-03 are applicable after break-in period (about 10 hours of use).
Spring Torsional Pre-load
To check spring pre-load adjustment, use spring scale hook (P/N 529 0065 00) and a spring scale. Remove drive belt.
Install the hook on the sliding half. Preventing fixed half from turning, pull sliding half with the spring scale perpendicularly with pulley axle.
Take 1st measurement when sliding half begins to turn. Rotate sliding half to 10 mm (3/8 in) of rota-tion. Hold fish scale at this position. Slowly re-lease tension from fish scale and take 2nd measurement when sliding half begins to return. Spring pre-load is the average measurement be-
tween these 2.
1st measurement (when opening) + 2nd measurement (when closing) = Spring pre-load

when opening)+3.4 kg (7.5 lb) 3.6 kg (8 lb) (when closing) Actual 3.8 kg (8.4 lb)
Example: (= spring 2 pre-load
529 0065 00

:1st measurement
:2nd measurement
To adjust spring pre-load, relocate spring end in cam, moving it clockwise to increase the pre-load and counterclockwise to decrease it. Refer to TECHNICAL DATA 10-03.
NOTE: If spring pre-load cannot be adjusted, try to relocate the other end of spring in sliding pulley (holes A, B, C).

Letters and numbers shown in illustration are actual letters and numbers embossed on parts
NOTE: Always recheck torsional pre-load after ad-justing.


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