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Scammer has them up again

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Ebay is full of scams. There will always be people trying to get abit of cash the wrong way .
Tell me about it! I have been checking out classic cars lately and for what they say have been done to them they would be worth 50,000+but have a buy it now price of $3,000.00. One guy even offered free shipping and if you did'nt like it he would pay for shipping back.
I played around with him for days, told him to send the car and if as advertized I would cut a check, cash or however he wanted it but in the end he wanted it all up front haha.
It's already been taken off....Hey Mikadoo...1000th post!!!!!
Last fall, I saw a brand new 06 SDI for only $4,500. I asked the guy many questions, and he didnt know crap about sleds. He wanted all the money up front in the form of a wire transfer. He said the wire transfer was convenient because it was only a block away from the sled location. Needless to say, I was suspesious and I looked up the address of the particular Western Union he wanted the money sent to. The Western Union was in downtown Manhattan. I thought that was an odd place for a Doo Dealership.

Ebay sent me a messages saying that he was later "reported him to the proper authorities."
It's already been taken off....Hey Mikadoo...1000th post!!!!!
Holy crap! I'am buy'in come on over!
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Well it is like Trying to sell Ice to Eskimos... If you try it often enough you get a sucker once and while. It is like playing ball at the night clubs... if you swing at enough "pitches," you will will hit one or two once and while.

They tried to scam me.. but once again.. when asked the detailed questions, they didnt know crap. When asked if they would sell it COD.. they stopped emailing me.

I deal with criminals all the time. Some take shots at me.. they get blasted in the face. Too bad these scammers didnt try to sell me this in person... Could have been another dirt bag hitting the deck.

Nuff said... Got a good frost last night... that cold snap had me salavating!!!! only a few weeks to go!
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